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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro, Africa's tallest mountain, is a snow-covered volcano. It is visible from Kenya and Amboseli National Park from northeast Tanzania.

Kilimanjaro is not the most difficult or untouched mountain because 75,000 mountaineers climb it annually. However, altitude sickness prevents most hikers from reaching Kilimanjaro’s summit. We recommend it to mountaineers despite its popularity and crowding.

It would be a shame to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro without visiting the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, or Tarangire, which are nearby.

We work with only two Mount Kilimanjaro operators based on safety, guides, and cost. Climbing Kilimanjaro is dangerous, so choose the right company!

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing

Over 30,000 people, just like you, travel to Tanzania each year to climb the highest peak in Africa and the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. There are no technical requirements for climbing Kilimanjaro; all you need is some level of physical fitness, a strong sense of determination, and the right guide service to assist you.

Consider climbing Kilimanjaro. You’ve caught the Kili bug, so whenever you have a spare moment, you’re researching how to climb Kilimanjaro. We are fully aware of how it feels. It’s a longing for Africa’s Roof. a burning desire to summit Uhuru Peak and a thirst for the unadulterated adventure that a Kilimanjaro climb offers. Every year, and our local partners in Tanzania assist hundreds of climbers as they make their way to Uhuru Peak. We share the top advice on climbing Kilimanjaro from ourselves, our associates, and our clients in this blog.

What is the Best Route to Climb Kilimanjaro?

There are seven established routes to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Most people find choosing a route to be difficult. Considerations for the route’s difficulty, scenery, and popularity should be made in order to determine the best Kilimanjaro route for you. The advantages and disadvantages of each route will be covered in this article, along with suggestions for which trail to take on your journey.

Our Favorite Routes

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  • Hand selected, licensed local guides
  • Decades of climbing experience
  • Certified Wilderness First Responders
  • Over 15,000 clients led to the summit
  • Top performers in the industry
  • Rugged, 4-season Mountain Hardwear tents
  • Warm Mountain Hardwear sleeping bags
  • Hot meals from fresh, local ingredients
  • Clean water treated with WaterGuard
  • Private toilet tent on all climbs
  • Trained in first aid & mountain rescue
  • Health checks performed twice per day
  • Monitor oxygen saturation & heart rate
  • Emergency oxygen included on all climbs
  • Helicopter evacuation